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Committed To Your Case

Shemesh Family Law is headed and run by attorney Amber Shemesh. Amber went to law school because as a child her parents went through a divorce and she understands firsthand what the process is like for families.

When you work with Amber, you work with an attorney committed to getting you the best results. She will make sure you understand your rights so that you can make informed decisions, whether you are creating a prenuptial agreement, looking to adopt, pursing a divorce or need a restraining order.

Amber has extensive experience with Texas property appraisal and equity. She can advise you in terms you understand about whether your property is considered to be separate or community and how to accurately value and distribute all of the assets in a divorce.

Amber is an attorney who knows Texas law. As an experienced litigator, she knows the judges and the courts. She will advise and guide you through the process and the system. She offers honest counsel and will work hard on your behalf.

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A Certified Family Mediator

Not only does Amber have years of courtroom experience, she is also a certified family mediator as per Texas law. In many cases, the best way to move forward is to understand when to negotiate a compromise and when to hold firm. Whenever possible, Amber works to find an effective and reasonable resolution. Of course there are some relationships which do not benefit from good-faith negotiation. When there is a history of abuse, manipulation or violence, it may be advantageous to forego mediation or settlement and pursue litigation.

Connect With A Trusted Legal Partner

To learn more about how Amber’s experience, education and dedication can benefit your family law matter, call 214-504-2127 or connect with firm in an email. Serving clients throughout the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area. Se habla español.