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Here at Shemesh Family Law, we understand that many divorce and custody cases involve a history and/or threats of violence. During proceedings, one party may also act erratically and engage in malicious behavior. We believe that you and your family should never feel that your safety is at risk, and our attorneys are ready to help you obtain a protective order or restraining order to stop harassment, threats, violence or other harmful behaviors.

Protective Orders Can Stop Violence And Threats

If you find yourself in a situation where your safety is at risk due to family violence, it’s important to know that Texas law provides mechanisms to protect you and your loved ones.

A protective order, also known as a family violence protective order is a legal decree issued by a court to prevent acts of violence. It’s designed to protect victims by legally requiring the abuser to stay away from them, their home, workplace or school, and prohibits harassment or further violence. If you’re facing threats or abuse, a protective order can offer you a layer of security, as violating it is a criminal offense that can lead to the abuser’s arrest and prosecution.

If you fear for your own safety based on the threats or past behaviors of a spouse or co-parent, our attorneys will work quickly to help you secure a protective order.

Restraining Orders Can Also Play A Role In Family Law Disputes

A restraining order is often part of a broader family law case and it sets rules about behavior that both parties must follow. For instance, a restraining order can be issued to maintain the status quo and ensure that property isn’t destroyed or hidden during the divorce process. Although these orders are not always aimed at preventing violence, they can limit the other party’s contact with you and prohibit certain actions that might be harmful to you or the well-being of your children.

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Both types of orders place significant limitations on the person named in them. They may be required to move out of a shared home, lose temporary custody of children or be restricted from owning firearms. It’s also worth noting that these orders can provide the petitioner with temporary custody and financial support arrangements.

If you’ve been a victim of threats or violence, or if your spouse/co-parent is acting in ways that could cause financial or other harm, our skilled attorneys are ready to help you petition the court for a protective order or restraining order.

Conversely, our attorneys can also represent you if your spouse/co-parent has issued false allegations against you to gain an unfair advantage in divorce or child custody proceedings. Such situations are comparatively rare, but they do occur and can be highly damaging to the falsely accused party.

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