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Navigating the Storm: Saving your Marriage

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2023 | Firm News

Marriages can sometimes feel like battles against the elements. However, in Texas, known as the sky can clear after a storm, relationships can find renewal and strength. In this blog, we will explore and discuss how to save your marriage within the context of Texas Family Law.

To navigate the path of saving a marriage in Texas, it is crucial to have a basic understanding of the state’s family laws. Texas is a community property state, meaning that assets acquired during the marriage are generally considered community property. Understanding the legal framework can help you make informed decisions about your marriage.

A tip in saving your marriage is, communication. Communication is key, the heart of any relationship lies in effective communication. Texas Family Law often encourages couples to attend mediation sessions before pursing a divorce. Mediation provides a structured environment to open dialogue, allowing couples to express their concerns, fears, and desires in a controlled setting. Mediation is a mandatory but non-binding settlement conference. It is private, confidential, and privileged from the process and discovery. This is an opportunity for both parties to get creative and produce a settlement. A mediator will be present and can help guide the conversation to find common ground.

Just as one might consult a mechanic for a car issue, seeking professional help for a marriage in trouble is always a wise motive. Therapists, counselors, and marriage coaches can offer valuable insights and tools to help couples navigate challenges. Many times, the mere act of seeking can help signal a commitment to change and improvement before pursing a divorce. In some cases where there is domestic violence, or threat to harm, it is essential to prioritize safety. Texas Family Law allows protective orders to be issued to safeguard individuals from harm. While these orders may not directly save your marriage, this will benefit you and your family in a safer environment for communication and potential reconciliation.

Another topic to discuss is, reconciliation agreements. Texas law acknowledges that couples may attempt to reconcile during the divorce process. For example, if both parties genuinely want to save their marriage, they can enter into a reconciliation agreement. This agreement can halt the divorce proceedings up to 60 days, giving the couple time to work on their relationship before making any final decisions.

If issues in your marriage arise, temporary orders may be the next necessary step. In Texas, temporary orders can be issued to address issues such as, child custody, financial support, and property division while the divorce process is ongoing. These orders can provide a sense of stability during tumultuous times.

In the vast landscape of Texas Family Law, the possibility of saving a marriage does exist. By understanding the legal framework, embracing open communication, seeking professional help, and utilizing the tools provided by the legal system, couples can weather the storm and navigate a path toward marital renewal. After all, just like the Texas sky, relationships have the potential to clear and shine brightly once again.