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Your Adoption Attorney

Adoption is often the happiest event there is in a Texas courtroom, and for good reason. A family is finally complete when an adoption is official. In some inter-family adoptions, the day that a child is taken in to a relative’s home to live is the hallmark of when life finally stabilizes. No matter what your adoption needs, attorney Amber Shemesh can help.

Types Of Adoptions

At Shemesh Family Law, we have experience with an array of adoption situations. Our goal is to make your family whole. We have experience and can help you with:

  • Adopting your foster child
  • Adopting a child through an agency
  • Adopting your stepchild
  • Adopting your grandchild or other family member
  • Private adoptions
  • Open adoptions
  • International adoptions

The adoption process can be overwhelming because it is wrought with legal jargon, and the state requires a good quantity of paperwork. We can help you understand each step of the process and guide you through every form so that there are no surprises or delays. We can also assist with name change requests.

What It Takes To Adopt

Most of us would like to believe that all it takes to adopt a child is a willing and open heart. While this is perhaps the most important aspect, there are other requirements. These include that adoptive parents both be over 21 and financially stable.

A background check is done on all prospective parents, and you will need to provide references. If you are married or divorced, you will need to provide this documentation. You will need to complete a home study, and all adults in the home will need to undergo a criminal background and child abuse check.

In addition to acting as your legal advocate, we provide support, guidance and insight throughout the entire process, from your first phone call to the firm to the day the adoption is official.

Here To Help You

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